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Hemmersbach Rhino Force - Saving Rhinos From Extinction
Hemmersbach Rhino Force - Saving Rhinos From Extinction
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HEMMERSBACH kids' family

We are The Social Purpose IT Company: With our Direct Actions, we fight problems where authorities fail. Hemmersbach Kids’ Family helps children in need around the world.




Good living conditions are an important foundation for the wellbeing of a child. Kids’ Family provides children’s homes in Poland with all necessary essentials, including heaters, laundry machines, dishwashers, and other household appliances. We’ve also completely renovated several of these places and gave them a whole new look.

In India, we are currently building a village for street kids who have nothing or nobody they can live with safely. We also supply the Ramamurthy Nagar slum in Bangalore every day with fresh water.



We equip children’s homes in Poland with EEG biofeedback devices to help kids focusing and controlling their emotions. Trained specialists such as psychologists and therapists give them further support to deal with past trauma and help to improve their social skills. The children also have the opportunity to regain their self-confidence and faith.

Hemmersbach Kids’ Family offers the same help to children in need in India. Since hygiene has become even more important during the pandemic, we also provide them with soap and face masks.



Kids’ Family ensures that children in our care have access to high-quality education. In the Hemmersbach Programming Academy in Poland, they learn how to code and gain other valuable skills for a future IT career. We also offer them access to our e-learning platform Skillsplanet, the first of its kind in Poland.

We also equip children’s homes in India with all necessary hardware and software so that kids there have a strong foundation for their education. Kids’ Family has paid the school fees for several children and provided them with school uniforms.



Our first step toward a village for homeless children: The Kids’ Family House in Bangalore! This is a safe place for street kids where they can live, study and have everything they need on three floors and 800 sqm.

The project is led by our colleague Sanjeevini Shivarudra, who together with their staff take care of the children. But this is only the beginning…

Inside Kids’ Family

Computer lessons for children in need

As a social purpose company, we spend 20% of our profits to fight problems where authorities fail. Software developer Kamil is one of our colleagues who additionally engage in our Direct Action Hemmersbach Kids’ Family. Kamil gives children lessons about computers and programing – in his free time. Why does he do this? Because what he gets in return is priceless.

5,000 liters daily
Providing drinking water for the slum

Having clean water every day is a matter of course for most of us – but not all. During a leadership conference in Bangalore, 20 of our colleagues visited the Ramamurthy Nagar slum to give back to the community and make a difference. We are delivering 5,000 liters of fresh water to the slum every day, so children don’t have to fetch it and can go to school instead. Our colleagues also collected 1,800 tons of waste – see the video for more.



India 2018: A disastrous storm surge hits the coast of Kerala and leaves countless children without homes and families. Our country manager Kunal knows that they need support, now more than ever before. On his initiative, we created our Direct Action Hemmersbach Kids’ Family to give children in need a better future.

However, Direct Action was also required elsewhere. In late 2018, we realized that many foster care centers in Poland struggled to provide children with basic amenities. Here too we decided to step in and now supply 65+ centers with essential household appliances – and everything else they need for a better future.

Working for a purpose

“Working for a noble cause like Hemmersbach Kids’ Family was my ultimate goal. Together, we build a better future for street kids.”

Kunal Verma, Country Manager India

Kunal Verma Country Manager India  Hemmersbach
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