Case study 9: Segment Data Center Maintenance

Maintenance of 1,300 server systems at 110 destinations within Germany with a restoration time of six hours

Industry sector: Public service

An IT service provider assigned Hemmersbach to fulfill the maintenance service for 1,300 server systems at 110 destinations within Germany with a restoration time of six hours. The server systems had storage and data back-up devices with expired vendor warranty. The customer predefined the time limit for restoration in case of a breakdown of six hours and a service level of 95%.

The challenge:
In order to guarantee six hours for restoring potentially up to 1,300 server systems with expired vendor warranty situated in 110 locations it is essential to provide spare parts for all models on the spot.

The technicians were specially trained for the requests of the customer and the special features of the respective system, for example the behaviour in the data processing centre, data security, and access authorisation. The Hemmersbach single point of contact is available 24/7 by phone to receive and qualify the potential breakdowns. The Hemmersbach Information System supports locating and patching the necessary specialists and spare parts within the service network. Hemmersbach provides proper, regional stocks of spare parts based on components. As the availability of spare parts had not been secured by the vendor, Hemmersbach made it possible to repair the spare parts based on components.

The central controls of breakdowns in real time combined with the regional storage of spare parts exceeded the postulated service level of 95% and created highest customer satisfaction. The run time extension of the server systems out of vendor warranty saved the customer'’s budget by avoiding new acquisitions.

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