Case study 8: Integration of Service Companies

Take-over and integration of a service company with 100 employees in Great Britain

Industry sector: Industry

A leading manufacturer in the IT industry commissioned us with the integration of its service company in Great Britain under the terms of a cross-border End User Support order. Integration was to be completed within nine months. One of the first steps was to convert around 100 employees of the service company to the ticket-based invoicing model for servicing orders. In this way we were also able to take on further service assignments from other orders.

The challenge:
The take-over in Great Britain had to take account of the TUPE law which regulates the transfer of employees. Furthermore, the productivity and the customer orientation of the existing employees were to be maintained during the take-over phase in order to achieve the costing and quality target.

One of our senior managers with his project team took over the business in Great Britain and carried out an analysis of the actual situation. The employees were transferred to the new company under the terms of TUPE provisions and the Hemmersbach process standards were introduced. The agreed service tickets were controlled and invoiced with the Hemmersbach Information System. Productivity and level of service were monitored. The employees were prepared for the redemption of further tickets from other assignments by means of training.

Through the introduction of the Hemmersbach Information System by means of ticket-based invoicing we were able to achieve cost reductions of 40%. The real-time process control ensured the quality and transparency of the procedures. The acquisition of additional assignments generated a further cost reduction. We were thus able to take over the service company successfully within the agreed time of seven months.

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