Case study 5: Segment End User Support

Client software migration for 35,000 systems in 6 countries within 2 years

Branche: Telecommunications

A leading hardware manufacturer commissioned us with the migration of the client software on 35,000 PC and notebook systems to business units in Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal and Spain within 2 years.

The challenge:
Migration to business units instead of locations made extreme demands on the co-ordination of dates in order to guarantee efficiency of performance. Although the rollout was not carried out geographically, the required customer-specified software meant that appropriately trained and qualified teams of technicians were necessary. The service technicians had to have specific skills in the respective software applications and distribution solutions.

This migration was fully supported by the Hemmersbach Project Team in co-ordination with the Hemmersbach headquarters and Information System. After having agreed on the priority of the business units with our customer we offered PC and notebook users three alternative dates per email in the language of their country. The migration itself was undertaken with a two-fold procedure. The PCs and notebooks were collected from the End Users and loaded with client software in a migration laboratory at each respective client site, configured and supplemented with personalised data files.

The migration was carried out according to schedule. Through the deployment of a project management team for all countries we were able to benefit considerably from synergy effects in terms of quality. The parallel laboratory solution was more cost-efficient than manual migration at the user workstation.

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