Case study 3: Segment Repair

Repair and reconditioning of end equipment for 10 European countries 

Industry sector: Consumer electronics

A leading manufacturer commissioned Hemmersbach to carry out 25,000 deployments per month for repair, re-commissioning, updating of PCs, notebooks, navigation systems, printers and displays in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland at a low-wage location in Eastern Europe.

The challenge:
The challenge was to install a cross-border transport system within 5 working days and to perform all communications in the respective language of the country.

The end equipment was collected from the customer and brought to central collection points in the respective countries from where they were transported overnight to the head office of Hemmersbach in Breslau. During booking into the Hemmersbach Information System the service language was specified and qualified. The Hemmersbach Information System enables the quality monitoring of each step in the work procedure together with automated material management. The transfer systems carried out with 150 qualified employees enable the utilisation of Eastern European wage levels in conjunction with industrial standard quality.

We can offer our customers up to 40% savings in contrast to a decentralised solution in individual countries with customer communication in the respective language and within 5 days.

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